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Welcome to my website!  I started this consulting service as a way to combine my passion for research and immediate impactful outcomes. I want to translate my statistical knowledge into actionable solutions for companies in different fields. 

ZB Consulting offers advice in research and statistical analysis to scientists and applied research organizations, companies using survey data or latent variable models . I also support organizations with roadmap planning for their data science needs: what when and why you need when it comes to data, and what impact, and ROI you can expect on data investments. 

I find joy in combining my academic career with applied work. I have 5 years’ experience  as organizational development consultant in the civic sector, combined with  experience as HR data scientist in the corporate world at Shell and applied statistical research for policy for OECD- all together 8 years of applied research work. 

Projects I worked on  apply latent variable models and survey research to answer real life problems. Examples include improving the selection process of graduate candidates by improving the predictive validity of the selection tests used. Or managing the transition process from a pen-paper test to an online testing platform while focusing on maintaining comparability of tests (across countries and time periods).  

I welcome request for cooperation, consulting or training in the fields of survey research and latent variable models but also more general questions about using data for decision making.

For more information on my work you can consult my CV  or  research profile